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lived in weho 6 years and i very much have noticed that weho is not a tree
city usa city. as i walk around our unique and diverse city i can see one
thing spreading like a disease and that is small lots filled with ugly
subterranean parking "ugly" garages with typical average tract built
apartments over them. this style of building looks like rows of used car lots
and sewer pipes exposed for every one to see.

Gary Erickson
West Hollywood, CA -

I drive by this beautiful home almost everyday heading to my gym. I have
been curious about visiting this website for some time. I'm glad I
logged onto it today. I am a resident of Hollywood and volunteer my
time to save as much historic building as possible. I helped save the
Max Factor building in the 90's and lately I have been active in
preventing the city of LA from demolishing the historic Florentine
Gardens. Someone once described Los Angeles as “a movie set which gets
torn down every so often to change the scenery”. Far to often what gets
removed is a beautiful and historic and replaced by something ugly.
Such as Sunset Plaza where Schwabs once stood.

Keep fighting for Tara. Write letters to city
council members and the media. It is possible to save this structures, but it
takes work. What works is writing letters and making noise. Keep up the good

BJ Burchfield
Hollywood, CA -

I live right around the corner and it would
be a shame to destroy such a lovely piece of architecture!

Mike Murphy
West Hollywood, CA -

I'm horrified to hear of the planned
demolition of this beautiful house. I have passed by it enumerable times and
admired it. It seems to be an American penchant to destroy its architectural
history. I am speechless with indignation, sorrow, and frustration over my
inability to help preserve this wonderful Los Angelean legacy.

Stephanie Vlahos
West Hollywood, CA -

Yet again it seems the politicians are in the
pockets of the developers. It really thought the city of West Hollywood was
more enlightened than this; but I guess not. I lived in West Hollywood for a
few years and always stopped to marvel at this large white house with its
lovely trees, still-intact in an ever-denser setting. I hope you can save it
for everyone's sake.

I'm so sick of the greedy rich guys getting
to build everything they want and then scoop-up the money while the tax-payers
have to give them "breaks" and "incentives" to build these eyesores that are a
blight to the city. Give 'em Hell!

Alex Newman
Los Angeles, CA -

Laurel Avenue has become the
on-ramp to the Fountain Freeway!! Stop the madness of over-development.

Brian Hamilton
West Hollywood, CA -

have lived on this block for nine years. My great grandparents passed
through this city when it was Mexico before they settled in Texas. When
I walk by this beautiful property almost every morning on my way to the
gym, I recall that although Los Angeles is a young city (vis-à-vis
other cities in the US/world), it has a history. This home reminds me
that West Hollywood is more than a transient hot-spot, but a
neighborhood and a community to many (including me). Anyone who does
not recognize the historical or environmental impact of the proposed
renovation should not be in office. I am not a political person, but I
am now.

RJ  (Resident - North Laurel)
West Hollywood, CA -

The gift of Tara should be enjoyed in
perpetuity by ALL residents of West Hollywood. This is the only way to keep
faith with Elsie Weisman who gave this property to West Hollywood believing it
would be kept intact because only 4 years earlier the property had been
designated a local cultural resource by the city of West Hollywood. Her act of
generosity should not be deformed and compromised by a real estate development
disguised as a social service.

When the income restrictions required by the
HUD grant and in the development agreement between the city and the two
development companies, WHCHC and WASET, lapse, this property will then be
owned by the developers free and clear of all obligation to keep it as senior
housing. It seems like a very poor use of public resources to give away a
valuable property to private developers for $10.00 in order to gain a project
funded by further public money in the form of a HUD grant. Where is the quid
pro quo? What are the developers providing in return for all this publicly
funded largesse? What will become of those unfortunate seniors who will be
living in these units when the income restrictions lapse?

Furthermore, under the terms of the HUD
grant, the living units provided by this proposal will be subject to a
National Lottery that will be open to people from all over the country. As it
is, people who have lived for years in West Hollywood are being denied housing
by WHCHC while newer arrivals are housed in units funded by HUD and the city
of West Hollywood.

is a unique example of the kind of building that existed in this area
before the development of multi-family housing in the 20’s. We can see
from Elsie Weisman’s journals that at one time large houses of this
kind existed in quantity but these were gradually replaced by apartment
buildings. Tara is the only one remaining.

building project being proposed for this site will destroy ancillary
buildings in the form of garages and also possibly the chauffeur’s
cottage, all of which were indispensable adjuncts to the life of a
great house in that time. No family living this kind of life would have
been without its cars and a chauffeur on tap at all hours to drive them
to and from their social engagements. We may disapprove of this
lifestyle at this time but we gain nothing for the social contract by
obliterating the objective evidence of history.

The 4-story structure that is being proposed
will also destroy a major part of the grounds and old-growth trees and
completely dominate the site. This totally alters the relationship of the
house to its grounds. The conversion of the interior of the house into 6
living units that will necessitate the siting of an elevator, will further
remove any remaining resemblance to the kind of house that exists now. Fencing
off the front garden impacts disastrously on the wide welcoming front porch
that is a critical element of the whole approach to the front door and an
inescapable part of the ambiance of this house.

The most appropriate use for Tara is to
manage it as a park and cultural center and possibly use the upstairs rooms as
office space that would generate income for the maintenance of the property
and the salary of an on-site manager. There would be a huge waiting list to
rent this kind of office space in this location and you could ask your price
and cover all the costs of maintaining the house and grounds.

Such a park would be of enormous benefit to
the community. West Hollywood is very deficient in parks. The enormous influx
of people to this city, growing daily, has created a density that generates a
frazzled state of nervousness and anxiety. The park would allow people to
relax in a peaceful environment in the presence of a beautiful building that
connects them to the perspective of past lives lived in that place. The
therapeutic benefits of such experiences are vital to maintaining a healthy
city. That is a service that the city can provide by dedicating this property
as a park for all time.

We must not be short-sighted and destroy and
wantonly give away a resource that has come to the city out of the generosity
of one of its citizens. Further increasing the density of Laurel Avenue will
have a very deleterious effect on the quality of life for its residents and
those on nearby streets. Everyone in this area comments on what is happening
at Tara and what I hear constantly is dismay at the possibility of losing such
a beautiful place by leaving it a shell dominated by a concrete bunker that
swallows up most of the grounds.

is not rehabilitation or restoration. If it is allowed it will
contribute to the creeping destruction of our environment by excessive
development. It also makes it pretty difficult for the city to protect
those trophy buildings that have been placed on the Historic Resource
Inventory. If some future owner of the Villa D’Este decides he wants to
do something similar to his property what will the city answer to him
when he points to the city’s own actions on the historic property right
next door?

I urge the city to abandon this ill-conceived

With utmost respect,

Heavenly Wilson

West Hollywood, CA

PLEASE save Tara. it's
beautiful. John Duran and John Heilman and Abbe Land have evil plans to the
renters. Get them out!

Sofi Vernaskyanaski
West Hollywood, CA -

As a Russian, I am ashamed of
the council voting to evict renters. I will never vote for Heilman or Land or
Duran again. How do you say in English, "rotten to the core?" Shameful on
them. They give us a war veterans memorial then they stab us in the back.
Awful. Worse than soviet union.

"Eastside" West Hollywood, CA -

Tara is a treasure that must be
preserved. It's infuriating that politicians increasingly ignore the taxpaying
citizens they are supposed to serve.

Andrew Tavoni
Los Angeles, CA - Saturday,

I live in the Fairfax
District near WeHo. For years, I've passed by and wondered about this unusual
home. Set back in lush greenery on a street of apartment buildings of
different vintages, it seemed like a magical place from another time. It
almost looked like a movie set. Los Angeles has too few such remnants of its
rich architectural and historical heritage. We cannot afford to lose another
one, even for the good cause of senior housing. I'm also shocked and horrified
by the fear of retribution WeHo citizens feel. You would think that the
brilliant politicals in charge would realize that these same intimidated
people hold the power to vote them out of office.

P. Fien
Los Angeles, CA -

Thank you so much for taking up
this most worthwhile cause. I believe it shortsighted to develop, develop,
develop in an already over developed area. There is more to progress than
increasing revenue related to tax dollars. GREEN SPACE, A SENSE OF COMMUNITY,
TAKING CARE OF EACH OTHER...what happened to the values this city was founded
on 20 yrs ago?

Johnny Nicoloro
West Hollywood, CA -

The three politicians who voted
to destroy Tara (Heilman, John Duran and abbey land) need to all be tossed out
of office. please- John Duran is up for reelection soon. He does not deserve
your vote. He meets with developers and billboard companies and liquor sellers
but he doesn't care about the renters in our city. He's awful. They are all
awful. God bless Jeff Prang for supporting renters.

Afraid to give my name due to council
West Hollywood, CA -

I came across your site by
accident. I live in Ireland and am part of a campaign to save the original
Hill of Tara from development. Our government is giving the land to the
developers - it's a national monument so no one else could. I'm shocked to see
that your Tara is also public property, and the same greed to show profits on
their watch seems to drive your city council. Are your City Council directly
elected? Make this an election issue. Next time an election comes by, have a
flyer in every home with questions to ask each candidate on the subject. If
not directly, lobby those who have a say. In the end, they represent the city
and that means you. I'll keep an eye on progress, good luck.

Niall Brosnan,


Dunsany, Ireland -

I have stayed in this stately
manor. Save it. Once gone-gone forever. That would be sad to say this is a
picture of what use to be here, when it actually could be there to better the
neighborhood and add to its culture. Some how no matter how much you try, one
cannot and should not replace people and history that goes into the
preservation of TARA. Your city forest will be gone in the wonderfulness of
the neighborhood will become just another ordinary neighborhood without
explanation. The city of Charlotte in so many places has been stripped of
historical buildings and beautiful forest no longer replaceable but concrete
buildings and paved parking lots. Fight to save your community--This is its
personal touch for all to enjoy!

Billy H. Wagley

Charlotte, North Carolina

You must save this magnificent
structure from the hands of greedy developers.

Michael Frink
Bodega Bay, CA -

Tara belongs to the people of
West Hollywood, California and the rest of the nation. Let Tara stand!

Ricki Levine
West Hollywood, CA -

hope the Tara can remain intact and loads of construction for years to
come will not be the eventual fate of this fine property. There are
plenty of OTHER sites for senior housing in Weho, some like the Hancock
property are ready for seniors and owned by the city!!!!  Keep Tara
intact, keep the grounds and home as a monument to the Los Angeles that
was. Keep up the fight, 'cause after all, TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY!

Roy Oldenkamp
Unknown location -

Good luck with your efforts. Sounds like a
raw deal. I hope you're having some success in saving that beautiful home.

Renton, WA - Sunday,

Heilman has been here too long. Just like in
Russia, they wont give up throne. Now look at the mess. With Heilman and his
puppets of land and Duran, renters are no longer safe in our homes. Vote them
all out. Now is the time to fear; and they keep grinning. Good luck, Tara

Tony N.
Unknown, CA -

What a beautiful home Tara is. I only wish
the bulldozers could come for the homes of the three city council members that
want to destroy our history -- Land, Duran and Heilman. They are all
hypocrites who just want more votes from packing in more poor people into our
city. What a courageous fight and yes, you will win!

West Hollywood, CA -

We as a community must stand up for our
rights our children's rights. If we allow this to be demolished what we have
seen with our eyes will not be seen by the next generation. This house
represents yesterday and must be kept for tomorrow.

West Hollywood, CA -

I am the new owner of "Cheri Amour" a
Historical Building known Internationally as "THE LAST U.S. residence of Jim
Morrison" (of the band "THE DOORS.") which I have opened up for tours. I fell
in love with my charming, 1932 Spanish building at 8214 W. Norton Ave. because
it is a "living" legend of the Wonderful Golden era of Hollywood, a symbol of
what WE in West Hollywood represent to people all over the world. Destroying
"Tara" over the almighty buck is destroying ourselves- our past, present &

Cheri Woods
West Hollywood, CA -

I certainly wish you the best in preserving
your history and heritage. We in Torrance are also struggling to preserve our
history and what we have in terms of open space. I have been past Tara many
times while visiting friends and family and have always enjoyed walking past
its serene grounds. Keep up the good work!

Torrance, CA -

I have walked by this home many times and
always thought it was a beautiful home. It should stand forever.

Clinton Bounds
Tarzana, CA -

I hope you win!!!!!!!!!!! I walk by all the
time, and it would be a shame to have it torn down.

Los Angeles, CA -

I live in the Granville, another historical
building in West Hollywood and I chose to live here because it brings charm
and history to an an otherwise stucco existence. I am all for new development
and modern architecture but there is enough space in West Hollywood to develop
new housing without destroying what little history we have left.

Abdi Nazemian
West Hollywood, CA -

We have a g_d da_m city council that hates
renters. I feel ashamed that I voted for these jerks year after year and now
look how they treat us. it's worse than Russia. Renters need to wake up and
vote these jerks out of office.

Pachinko Vernagonovitch
West Hollywood, CA -

The City of West Hollywood should be ashamed
of themselves. Tara is a symbol of our past which should be preserved and
appreciated in times when everyone is all too willing to destruct our history
for the sake of hideous, pre-fab, Home Depot monstrosities with no character.

Steve Bava
West Hollywood, CA -

True seniors need affordable housing.
Building 20-something units will not even put a dent in the senior housing
problem. Millions of dollars spent to house so few people, seniors or youth.
Who on earth thinks that is a good idea? Beside that point, the city wouldn't
let the owner do something similar to her own building while it was hers. I
smell something fishy.......

West Hollywood, CA -

I am a 36 yr old, wife mother of two and
California native. The Tara is one of the most beautiful and breath taking
historical manors. Please understand that in order to make history you often
build or enhance on what you already have. Please save the Tara Mansion.

Angelique Hawley-Rawls
Los Angeles, CA -

It is a shame that an historic green space is
being trampled on to provide housing when so many other spaces are available
for housing. Green space in LA is rare enough as it is. Leave Tara alone.

Karen Elder
Los Angeles, CA -

Save Tara. How many Apartment buildings are
there in West Hollywood? How many "Taras" are there in West Hollywood? You do
the math. West Hollywood already destroyed the original farm homes along San
Vicente to put up a monster development. What's next?

Gary Potter, Association of Celebrity Personal
Assistants Board of Directors
West Hollywood, CA -

I live on Laurel Avenue, just across from
"Tara". I have lived there for 14 years and enjoy the beauty that "Tara"
brings to our street. I encourage you to continue the fight, and support your
fully. I have donated and signed petitions and hope our voice will be heard
loud and clear!!!!

Pat Sullivan
West Hollywood, CA -

It's a shame that the city wants to destroy
this landmark. I live on Laurel, and I show TARA to all of my friends and
family who come to visit.

Seth Horowitz
West Hollywood, CA -

Please let me know what else I can do to

Joel Quaresimo
West Hollywood, CA -

I agree with you. TARA must be saved. It is unique and beautiful. Let
me express another point of view at the problem. I represent a big part
of WEHO residents (mostly Russian-Jewish refugees), a low-income family
man, a potential tenant of those low-income apartments. It is not a
secret that the majority of West Hollywood residents are wealthy and do
not have children and for them hard to understand our problems. We came
to America without any money with two suitcases and our children not
even knowing how to speak English. Thanks to West Hollywood, where we
could find a shelter and friendly neighbors. We are working hard trying
to survive and live in a friendly, relatively safe neighborhood. We do
not want to move to cheaper areas and raise our children between
criminals just because West Hollywood homeowners raise rent prices. We
desperately need affordable housing and place for our children to play.
There are a few public parks in West Hollywood. Unfortunately they are
turned to public dogs’ defecation spots. Obviously we need to close at
least one park (Kings Road) for our hairy friends and, of course, save
Tara for our children.

Resident of WeHo
West Hollywood, CA -

I live in Hollywood, above Sunset,
west of Fairfax, I know this home. I drive down Laurel every other day
on my way to the West Hollywood Swimming Pool. I believe this structure
to be a very important historical artifact of West Hollywood, and the
City should be very lucky to own the property. The city should open the
home up for tours during the weekends and spotlight the history it
serves for the area. Once the home is vacant, the city could use it for
a Bed and Breakfast for visiting dignitaries. And have tours of the
home all week long. The surrounding property is also very important due
to the size and the landscaping. This shows the lushness of the area
when the home was built. The city has also been known to mess up on
other community housing projects in the past, let’s not let this one
get messed up the same way. Please let me know if there is anything
else I can do to help with the preservation of this relic. Thanks for
putting this website together.

Grant Taylor
Los Angeles, CA -

As a southerner I think it's a shame to see
such a beautiful reminder of home disgraced in this way.

Elizabeth Kirven
Hollywood, CA -

Good Luck...my favorite house in Hollywood. I
hope it is saved.

John Oettinger
Chapel Hill, NC -

How can the city do this when the owner who
donated it to the city never intended anything like this to happen?? Did the
former owner not properly specify her wishes? I am totally opposed to any
changes to this beautiful property. I HATE the development that is going on in
this city and others. I have sympathy for elderly folks who desire a
residency, but this should be at the most a park, keeping all structures and
grounds fully intact. Look at Waddles park! This has been kept up and no one
is trying to turn this into a nursing home (at least, not to my knowledge).

How can the city council members or
others involved make snap decisions without giving consideration to the will
of the former owner???

It makes me angry. When is the next
city council meeting? Is there some sort of a petition that needs to be
signed? Please let me know. Thanks

Catherine Goedecker
West Hollywood, CA -

Lovely property.  Hope this helps.

Michael Sprague
West Hollywood, CA -

I am outraged by the mayor and his cohorts!

We must save the property and kick these
people out of office!

Lori Schwartz
West Hollywood, CA -

Thank you for filing your lawsuit. I hope
Dick Weisman seeks to rescind the gift entirely and apply a deed restriction
that preserves the site as she intended..

It clearly is a case of the city gaining
undue advantage by first denying the elder Weisman's development proposal by
declaring the site historic, inducing her to donate the land to the city since
the city would not allow development, only to proffer their own development
plan. Shameful!

Also it is time to nail the city dead to
rights on it's flagrant disregard for CEQA and other laws.

The manner in which the Council acts in
private and in concert with private development interests smells of old
fashioned graft. Time for the DA to investigate; it is no different than
Compton, South Gate or San Bernardino County. Where is the public integrity
unit of the DA office? We need you in WeHo.

Unknown location -

I am from Europe and we have learned to
appreciate old buildings and put an effort into holding them in good shape.
Its a part of history and we are happy to keep it that way. Wish I could say
the same in this situation. Great effort, you guys. Don't stop!

West Hollywood, CA -

I am so tired of pushed in together apts, and
condos. What greed is doing to W.H. is unforgivable. The City Council members
obviously have no historic appreciation or artistic taste.

G. Harris
Beverly Hills, CA  -

Tara is a magnificent mansion with its
surrounding grounds and beautiful trees. It is a gorgeous memory of how people
lived in the past, and it must stay for the future to maintain some kind of
history of the past.

Peter Medak
West Hollywood, CA -

My fellow lives next door to Tara, and for
the past two years I've been enchanted with her beauty, dignity, and welcome -
she is a happy reminder of grace and ease, of style and substance in this
hectic world. The ripping-down and crowding-in of these landmarks needs to
STOP. This is the only one left on this street, it's what makes the street
unique. And when, by the way, are we going to put the "developers" on trial
and hold them accountable for the money-grubbing rapists, pillagers,
plunderers and ravagers that they ARE? Would any one of them be caught dead
living in anything that they "develop?" Indubitably NO....

Encino, CA -

How sad the city politicians can be this
cruel and heartless. I left Russia to escape this kind of crime so its very
upsetting that the rules of our city are no better than Brezhnev and his
cohorts. May the lord bless the Tara renters and their supporters. I'm praying
for the souls of the Council that they may seek redemption from god.

Irena Miroskaya
West Hollywood, CA -

When the evictions take place, will Abbe
Land, John Duran and John Heilman be supervising? What do you want to bet they
will not be around for the evictions. They will issue press releases of how
"unfortunate" it is. The whole lot of them are wicked. God Bless the fighters
at Tara.

"Please don't evict me, Council!"

West Hollywood, CA -

Common citizens in WeHo feel enormous
intimidation in this city. An environment of intimidation silences dissent and
breeds abuse of power. I agree. It is time for local citizens to reserve all
large development decisions to voters and remove them from the Council. The
constant trampling of accountability, integrity and laws requiring public
input and decision-making, leave us no choice. When will Steve Cooley look
into the blatant abuses here in WeHo?

West Hollywood, CA -

Its really telling that so many of us feel
the need to be "anonymous" in our comments. That is a result of the intense
pressure and intimidation in this City to go along with the power brokers or
pay a big price. Most people I know are disgusted by the Council's action in
the Laurel property giveaway. Few will publicly voice their concerns, but do
indicate they will 'speak' at the ballot box. The decimation of our City has
to end.

Another Anonymous Citizen of WeHo
West Hollywood, CA -


As a native, I am truly saddened by the loss of so much of what made this
region great under the continued pressure of ill-considered development. Tara
is a treasure. So is open space in this dense park-starved city. It seems
nothing is safe from development pressure. And too many people who came from
urbanized areas are entrusted with such important decisions. They are helping
destroy California one cultural landmark at a time. I believe the only way to
reign them in is to do what other citizens have resorted to with enormous
success: initiatives that preserve parks, open space, cultural and natural
landmarks, and reduced density. I believe it may be time for the citizens to
reserve the big development for ourselves. Anyone wanna start?

West Hollywood, CA -

I was born and raised in L.A.
and have lived in West Hollywood for over 35 years. I am dumbfounded that this
kind of destruction still persists in this day and age!! Its outrageous!! I
traveled by Tara many times during the week, and always think to myself how
much I'd like to buy that house someday. There are no residences like it in
this area. I see these beautiful places in the south of the U.S. with these
great old homes over 100 and 200 years old and think how sad that L.A. is all
about plastic and phony. Trying to preserve a culture and history should be
pre-dominant here. After all, this IS OLD HOLLYWOOD. At least turn it into a
grand old museum for people to come and see something and use the monies for
improvements of WEHO!! How in the world did the city end up owning this house
while someone is still living in it??!!

Mindy Miller
West Hollywood, CA -


What are we doing?  Why are we tearing down one of West Hollywood's earliest landmarks?  Is the mayor 
that closed to our history...to build apartments?
Timothy Brodt
West Hollywood, CA -


This is one of the most outrageous public policy moves I have ever witnessed, and I've lived in several cities.
To exploit a social concern (in this case senior housing) by destroying the spirit of this gift to the City is an
West Hollywood, CA -


Three City Council members decided to take away parkland from nearly 40,000 people, (hundreds of old folks) 
and give that land to developers, (and around 20 west Hollywood seniors) and they're throwing in a half a million
dollars.  Are they doing this for the people?  No. They never asked the people.  Now, they're offering public input
on design?  It's a little too late.  Isn't it.  This is not democracy. This is arrogance.
Susan F.
West Hollywood, CA -


am not surprised by this. The city of West Hollywood is made up of a
bunch of liberal hypocrites. I am sure if Bush or Trump were doing this
they'd be the first to protect Tara.  Save Tara, it's the best thing in
West Hollywood. 

Travis Gosland
West Hollywood, CA -

I do not understand why they
city of West Hollywood needs to harm in anyway this property that has been
around all this time. I drive by on my way to work during the week and have
looked at this house for years. Please stop this really stupid idea !!!!
Please leave Tara alone !

Paul Erin Wilson
Los Angeles, CA -

I have walked by 'Tara' so many
times in my 26 years as a West Hollywood resident and I always enjoyed the
beauty of this house and its surroundings. Don't let the City of West
Hollywood destroy this treasure!

Rose Poirier

West Hollywood, CA -

West Hollywood's City
Council should take a good look at San Francisco.  San Francisco has
always taken pride in their city and preserved what  depicted an eras
long gone. When I moved to WH from LA I took time looking around and
decided WH would be the place where I wanted my new home.  I liked what
I heard about  the city's approach to city matters. 

When I was much younger I
used to drive up and down the streets of WH to see all the beautiful
old mansions which showed the grace and charm of times long  gone.  One
of these was Tara. Don' t  throw away the gift Mrs. Weisman left West
Hollywood and don't betray the citizens of  WH in the faith and trust
they have in you as their City Council.

Teddy Nikos
West Hollywood,

Tara must be saved.  What can I do to help?

Brian Tillis
West Hollywood, CA -

should be decided by public discussion, careful study of option
PRESENTED TO ALL OF WEST HOLLYWOOD, opinion gathered and only then,
voted upon.  Why such a huge budget for pre-development? How was the
"public" project bid?  Who is getting rich while stealing our park?  Do
I smell Enron/MCI right here in WEHO?

Mary Chalmers
West Hollywood, CA -

DO NOT tear this beauty down.
I'm from the South and its awesome to see something like this in the middle of
an already congested city. Pick on the character-less dilapidated mid-century
apartment buildings down the street. Not this gem.

Shawn Mimbs
West Hollywood, CA -

is just 3 council members playing politics for their own sick personal
gain at the expense of this beautiful historic home.  Absolute power
corrupts absolutely.  These council members don't care whose lives they
ruin in attempting to strengthen their political power base.  Let the
100 year old trees be damned! First it was apartment owners, now it's
tenants who happen to live in the apartment building the City now owns,
next it's going to be your house or condo they come for. Remember this
at election time: Heilman & Land will stop at nothing in their
crusade for power.  Duran - don't be deceived by these folks.

John Norris
West Hollywood, CA -

1989 the WH City Council wanted to tear out West Hollywood Park on San
Vicente Blvd to make room for WH Civic Center.   It took a VERY SMALL
group of people to stop this, and I was one of them.  We worked months
collecting signatures, speaking at council meetings, etc. and it was
former WH Councilmember Steve Schulte that led the fight to save the
park.   It was a very tough battle but less than a handful of WH
Residents saved the park.  The park is enjoyed by so many people, but
certain members of the WH Council are at it again,,,,so there is
another battle with them to save WH Park.   But right now we have to
save TARA. Take a look where the council members who want to destroy
this magnificent property live.   CONDOS..... Abby and John H. have no
love for trees, grass or NATURE.  John Duran, here is your chance to
make a "name" for yourself.......do not be a follower of destructive
people, who have no love for nature, for beauty... 

Roslyn Krause
West Hollywood, CA -

attended council meeting for senior housing. I am Russian woman who
fled ex-soviet USSR, like many others. I am proud to live in Los
Angeles.  I have many friends in west Hollywood so I went to meeting.
Unlike many there, I decided to keep "open mind" and listen to all
sides, especially those who want to "save tara'.  Please understand
most ex-soviet people here are very good people, very caring, and not
really well represented by those at the meeting who really didn't
understand what was happening. We were told to go to the meeting, get
free meal, and wear buttons and speak to ask for senior housing. Yes, I
want cheap housing, but i don't want to live at expense of others. 
Most Russians feel same way, and aren't represented by those who showed
up at meeting to get free meal.

Please, this is becoming a
divisive issue for unnecessary reason. I have many friends in West
Hollywood and attitude seems to be to get everything for nothing from
city. when does it stop?  I say to friends "what if city council comes
for your apartment next; then what do you do"?   We are on low fixed
income. most important thing to us is to know we can live where we are
in safety and security. to have council come around and take away their
home seems very  wrong. Very very wrong.  Ex soviets should know this
better than anyone but they get hypnotized at idea of winning lottery
as promised by city people. I and many others are smarter and don't
believe this. Let them live in their beautiful home.  Thank you.

Debrina Charkovh
Los Angeles, CA -

bad I have to use a fake name as I know I would be blackballed by the
city council. Looks like the council does not care about renters, as
they favor the opportunistic greedy people who don't even live here. I
am thoroughly disgusted by John Heilmans comment that it was "easy" for
him to come to the decision to throw these renters out.  Embarrassed. 
I'm truly embarrassed.  I know I would never NEVER give any kind of
gift to any city after this fiasco. We seniors and renters need to get
behind saving Tara. Good lord, what has this city turned into. It's not
the place I helped create 20 years ago. Power has gone to John Heilmans
head and it is disgusting. He ought to be ashamed of himself. Throw
them all out of office.  May god help the people at Tara.

West Hollywood, CA -

Used to live on Laurel Ave. It would be a
real shame not to preserve this property intact!

Liane Schirmer, Los Angeles, CA -

is audacious.  The city has plenty of other lots to build affordable
housing in.  Disgusting that City of West Hollywood residents will be

Clint Trout
West Hollywood, CA -

City of West Hollywood should be ashamed of itself in its quest for
housing and the need for preservation of history.  I urge everyone on
the City Council to NOT demolish this historical landmark and keep it
for generations to enjoy.  Let history stand for something, not another

Sincerely, John Mullican

John Mullican
West Hollywood, CA -

I have walked past the house on a weekly
basis for the last 11 years. I have already seen a couple of houses on that
street fall to have unsightly condos put up. Also, we don't need any more
congestion in this area by having multi unit buildings put up.

Craig McDonald
W. Hollywood, CA -

a shame the West Hollywood City Council spread lies, and mislead people
into believing they have a realistic chance of winning a lottery to get
one of the $200 a month proposed low income apartments.  The City
continues to lead people to believe they will go to West Hollywood
residents, and the reality is since it is FEDERAL money, it is equally
open to any senior, anywhere in the entire USA.  Many tens of thousands
will be putting their names into the lottery.  It's sad that the
residents of West Hollywood will lose a beautiful and historic landmark
for the benefit of a few people that don't even live here now. 
Remember at election time who voted to destroy this beloved site: 
Heilman, Land and Duran.  Remember who voted to SAVE Tara:  Jeff
Prang.  Sal Guarriello abstained from voting.

James Fuhrman
West Hollywood, CA -

I've seen too much of our shared history,
heritage and culture in the Los Angeles area short-sightedly destroyed since I
moved here ten years ago. You're fighting the good fight and I support you

Adam Foster
Los Angeles, CA - Sunday,

Don't erase any more of Hollywood's
glorious/glamorous past. Enough of it has been turned into strip malls/malls..
Just up the street lays the ground that Shwabs pharmacy was on... Gone

Nick Sternberg
Hollywood, CA -

have been following with increasing alarm the City of West Hollywood's
proposals for the redevelopment of 1343 N. Laurel Avenue.  This was the
home of my Aunt, Elsie Weisman, and, in an earlier era, that of my
father Leroy and my grandfather Adolph Linick.  After insisting on
attaching "historical" status to the property, West Hollywood now
proposes to remove most of the trees and to encircle this lovely and
unique house with an apartment complex.  If Mt. Rushmore were in West
Hollywood no doubt they would build a strip mall on the presidents'
heads and call this "historic preservation".

Dr. Anthony Linick
London, England -

of all why would we want to get rid of what very few historic houses we
have.  Second of all there is already too much on this street and it
does not need anything else.

Claire Koller
West Hollywood CA -

As one who was at the center of the creation
of this city twenty years ago, I am deeply troubled by what has become the
"land grab" that is happening all over our city.

house was given in good faith to the city.  It would make a marvelous
library, which the city needs right now.  The grounds are a cultural
heritage of a by-gone era of California life.

There is no way
to build anything around this house without destroying the oasis like
quality of this parcel of land.  The promise must be kept, the entire
property must be respected as it is, the intended legacy  must be

I urge every resident of West Hollywood to see the
most recent John Sayles (Director) movie, "SUNSHINE  STATE" which is
about how developers work, and how they have no respect for the people
who live on the land.

"Tara" must be preserved, and used as a Library and cultural center as was the
original intent of the donor.

If this City Council cannot see this, and ASSURE the preservation of "Tara",
then it is time for them to be replaced.

Ed Garren, "Save WEHO"
West Hollywood, Ca -

I am in favor of saving and preserving Tara.

Dr. Barbra Rubin
West Hollywood, Ca -

This property should be left alone! There are
many apartment buildings from the 60's and 70's in WeHo in need of
repair/updating. Why doesn't the city council address these eyesores instead
of this beautiful property? Their (city council) priorities are wrong.

West Hollywood, Ca -

I have lived across the street from Tara for
the last 33 1/2 years of my life, I am fortunate enough to look directly at
Tara as my bedroom and living room face Tara and I have looked at that
beautiful old structure for many years. My partner of 25 years just passed
away on the last day of Christmas, and the loss of Tara would be too much to
bear. When I moved here in 1970 there were no stoplights at Laurel and Sunset
and at Fountain and Laurel, so we did not have the constant traffic flow that
we have now. This place is an oasis, and it should not be altered in anyway.
We just got a new condominium unit up the street, with another monstrosity
under construction next door. We have no places to park on the street as it
is. All we definitely don't need is to destroy this historic residence. All I
can say is Please SAVE TARA.

Stanford Smevold
West Hollywood, CA -

their investigation of Watergate, Woodward and Bernstein were advised
by a confidential inside source, that if they wanted the answers, to
follow the money. On a small scale, this is the case with what is
happening to “Tara” and other historic sites in Southern California. It
doesn’t take an informant to see that the motivating factors of those
who would destroy this precious property have more to gain than their
stated altruistic goals. Look at the two factions who are battling in
this case. On one side you have a small band of citizens devoted to
preserving a significant historical site. None of them have anything
personal to gain. Even the folks who live there know that, no matter
what happens with the property, they will, at some point, be relocated.
Now take a look at the other side. A wealthy developer and his team of
lawyers. So-called historical preservationists, arborists, consultants,
contractors, etc. being paid a tidy sum to say what their employers
want to hear. Small time, greedy, short-sighted City Council members
with aspirations to higher political office along with city workers who
are all very likely on the take. Bottom-line, there is a great deal of
money to be had if this plan is approved. Not by the City, of course.
We get a HUD grant to build the monstrosity and subsidies to provide a
handful of needy people with apartments, while the developer and the
rest of the aforementioned hypocrites walk away having increased their
personal wealth. Because the federal government is involved, I believe
this seamy situation calls for an in-depth investigation into who is
being paid how much and by whom. Follow the money. It may not lead to
the top as Watergate did, but in greed and politics, the middle is
usually where corruption lives.

West Hollywood, CA -

West Hollywood was once full of homes like
Tara, bungalows, Thematic Duplex's and graceful courtyard apartments, only a
handful remain. Where there was beauty, now we are left with a city full of
eyesores. Horrific box like apartments built in the 1960's and 70's. Why does
the city continue to bulldoze any charm that's left in the city when there are
so many ugly buildings which could only improve by being demolished or
redeveloped. Save Tara and her historic low density neighbors.

Rich Johnson
West Hollywood, CA -

In former soviet union, government doesn't
ask for opinion of residents. They just come in and tell people to be out by
whatever date. At least in America, government has hearings, meetings debates,
discussions etc.. The result however will be the same. Whenever someone loses
their home it is sad.

Vernalenya Zargonyakov
East West Hollywood, CA -

I'm a life-long renter's rights advocate in
Santa Monica, where we have sort of a bond with West Hollywood; but there's
something wrong with this picture. Ho w can they justify evicting people out
of their home, renters, who need to be protected? Surely there must be council
candidates who will truly do what they say and protect renters? I was in Weho
last week. there are lots of junky buildings that should be torn down. Why do
they have to pick this place to do this?

Jenny (Ashamed)
Santa Monica, -

The lot of the council is a bunch of corrupt
individuals out to take over this building that they declared "historic".
Their actions are sickening. They want to turn every piece of land into junk
housing for the sick and poor. When is enough enough? Where are the parks they
promised since we became a city? DISGUSTED!%$#*! Who keeps voting for these
clowns? Not me.

West Holly, Ca -

We have so few things in West Hollywood worth
saving -- what with ugly statues and inappropriate tree selection. Let's keep
something that shows some class!

Deloris Luckman
West Hollywood, CA -

Thanks for this great website. If the city
comes around with bulldozers, we need to be prepared to stand in the way. It
seems unfair to the people living there now for the city to evict them to make
way for outsiders looking for a cheap place to live. I'm all for helping the
poor but do they all expect to live in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and weho?
Can't the housing be built on some other lot where people aren't living
already, or that isn't so beautiful and historic? I thought the big
development at La Brea should have had some room to build some housing. I
heard it was supposed to be built there? Why didn't that happen? Why is the
City in this mess right now? Save Tara!

M.J. Less
Laurel Ave, Weho -

When I first moved to California in 1977, a
two-way stop sign regulated the flow of traffic at the corner of Laurel and
Fountain where I still live today. Since then, West Hollywood has
distinguished itself not only as a treasured village-like community nestled in
the center of one of the top four most densely populated areas in the country,
but also as a Mecca for individuals seeking personal freedom in lifestyle
choices. I have always counted on West Hollywood to provide me with what I
need as a resident and have been comfortable with its measured growth over the
last quarter of a century. In the last few years, however, the development
projects looming as its gateways and creeping onto its side streets seem
destined to threaten its unique character. Or, as a witty neighbor recently
declared, "Soon we might as well be living in Chino!" A healthy community
needs space for its citizens to work, to play, and to dream. While our elected
officials are busy approving the addition of concrete, stretching construction
taller and wider than ever before, randomly dissolving pieces of our past, and
uprooting green things and destroying habitat, the magnetic collective
identity we've all invested in is eroding. We owe it to ourselves to plan the
future with wisdom, respect and accountability. The Weisman house at 1343 N.
Laurel Avenue is a testament to our City's unusual and enviable balance of the
old and new; commerce and quaintness. "Tara" is a stellar example of what's
worth fighting for to protect and preserve the essence of West Hollywood.

Samara Bowes Whitesides
West Hollywood, CA -

Add my name to save this historic building.

F. Gary Augeri
West Hollywood, ca -

Hi from all your friends at the Midnight
Mission Thrift Store, we are behind the saving of this beautiful home. I can't
imagine what is more important than preserving our history. Good Luck.

Bill Day and Staff
Midnight Mission Thrift Store, ca -

it just like the powers of West Hollywood to squelch development of the
property by the owners, by placing it on the Historic Register; just to
"hold" it for their own use in the future. This is supposed to be a
city of diversity. If we demolish (or architecturally encapsulate) all
the examples of diversity to make this area a subsidized Mecca we will
loose our all the charm the city has to offer. As for the green space
that they will provide at the space if it is developed; it will more
than likely look like the weedy looking green space created at Fairfax
and Santa Monica. Ê Let's leave a few rambling majestic examples of our
past unscathed.

L Neumeiste
West Hollywood, ca -

A very sad commentary on the actions of the
WH City Council in destroying this beautiful property.

Roslyn Krause
West Hollywood, Ca -

How dare our local council try to destroy
this beautiful home. I wish I was lucky to live there. I hope the council
reads this and knows especially the ones up for reelection next year. We will
be looking at your votes on this rather carefully and will be ready to vote
you out of office once and for all. As the sign outside says: Don't mess with
Tara! Scott

Scott Mullins
W. Hollywood, Cal. - ednesday, March 24, 2004 at 15:59:39 (PST)

We so desperately need senior housing all
over but our city simply can't provide it for everyone. No city can. It seems
wrong to evict those already there even for the benefit of more who might live
there in the future. Surely there are other lots in the city that could be
used which are of no historical significance. We all have to stick together!

Gloria Ricci
West Hollywood, ca -

As a former West Hollywood resident, I am
saddened by the City's deceptive practices under the guise of providing
affordable senior housing on the Tara property. The City has many other
properties that are not classified as Historic that they can provide
affordable senior housing on. Seniors who are not even southern California
residents have the opportunity to jump on the affordable bandwagon. What about
the seniors who live in our community? This is a scam and to use seniors as
your emotional hot button is shameful! What happened to our democratic

Wendy Rolt
Los Angeles, CA -

As a longtime former West Hollywood resident,
I feel so sad to see how the promise of short-term gain threatens the quality
of life for the majority of city residents. Tara is a stunningly gorgeous land
and invaluable piece of history that can yield riches both culturally AND
financially without being decimated.

Todd Mandel
Pasadena, CA -

An irreplaceable jewel is about to be ground
up and turned into infill housing. Tragic. Perhaps we should be desensitized
by now to the appalling spectacle of politicians crassly destroying our
environment and heritage for a sleazy real estate deal and then self servingly
defending themselves by crying, "What, you don't believe in subsidized housing
for seniors?" How dare you. In this age of the false dichotomy, our local
leaders seem to be following in the footsteps of government at the highest
levels in which opposition to, for instance, war, is conflated with "support
for terrorism". I think we can do better. The call is for the "Creative City"
to be creative in addressing the needs of seniors AND our environment AND our
heritage not spend wit and energy to create a phony zero-sum game in which,
ultimately, everyone loses. I still believe that, together, we can provide for
our current needs by some other means than pushing the birthright of
generations to come into the blades of heedless destruction.

Geoffrey DeWan
Los Angeles, Ca. -

To the City of West Hollywood: I think it is
a sin to ruin this property. You have already allowed two travesties to be
built on the northeast side of this block (one is still under construction &
it doesn't fit the scale of the other surrounding buildings in any way.) I do
not trust that the city of West Hollywood has any preservation policy,; I only
see the hands of progress & greed at work. the Millennium on Sunset & the new
Target monstrosity are two recent examples... Please try & be more inventive &
creative with your reuse of this building which is one of the oldest in the
entire area. Thank you!

Charles Baker
West Hollywood, CA -

As a neighbor of Tara and a member of the Los
Angeles design community I am deeply saddened that the City of West Hollywood,
in it's vain attempts in reinventing itself, has forgotten who she is. We
don't need to destroy our history with the futile act of packing a few more
sardines into an already overburdened neighborhood. Shame on you City!

Lucius Lamar
West Hollywood, CA -

I support the efforts to save Tara. It has
long been a wonderful homestead in a community blighted by overdevelopment of
mult-unit housing. How sad it is that the City of West Hollywood would take a
gift meant for preservation and turn it into a commercial enterprise
benefiting only a few. Please count me in to stand and fight the development
of Tara.

Kerry Hamilton
West Hollywood, CA -

I love walking by the house everyday from the
gym on Sunset. It's the only place in the area that looks like you are looking
into another part of the country - a southern home or property you would find
in colonial state in the North East. It's so beautiful just the way it is -
overgrown with a lot of character.

Carlos Healy
West Hollywood, CA -

For many years most if not all developers,
civic minded or for profit have view Los Angeles land resources as unlimited.
Well I here to say that IT IS LIMITED and when we are all dead and gone it
would be a shame that Tara would be torn down for yet more people who really
could care less about Los Angeles move here. I am all for any one whom wants
to move here but not at the expenses of a treasure like "Tara". We as
community minded people who care must fight this short minded plan to our
fullest ability. Thanks goodness for people like Allegra, Kent and Sandy Dugas
- for if they didn't care we would all be driving by "Tara" saying should
have, could have and why the hell did we sit on our hands when this was
happening. Thanks Kelly Cox

Kelly Cox
Los Angeles, CA -

Where are the other seniors in the area
standing up for the people that live there? We got rent control and we got
renter's rights in the City by sticking together. I ask again where are the
other seniors? How come they haven't come forward to protect our fellow
residents as the city threatens to evict them? I fear they fear retribution
from the city for speaking out to support these nice people. I'm ashamed and
embarrassed for all of the renters in the city that stay home quietly and let
our rights disappear right in front of our eyes. I wish I could sign my name
but I've seen what they are capable of. May God help them.

Too Afraid to give my name
West Hollywood, CA -

I just wanted to say that I walked past the
barbecue that was happening at your property March 7th, and although I didn't
come in, I did think it was touching and it makes me so sad that the most
beautiful property on Laurel Avenue is in trouble. As if this area needs more
traffic... from reading your site, I see no reason why they can't just make it
a cultural center; or, I don't know... let seniors live in the existing house.
It just sounds so greedy, and sad. So, I applaud what you are doing. I am
sorry I was too shy to come in and say hello. Good luck. Please keep the
people of Laurel Avenue informed.

An anonymous visitor :-)
WestHollywood, ca -

I live on the block at 1403 Laurel Ave. Our
lives have been disrupted by the construction across the street - the tearing
down of the African Embassy. To make any changes to alter 1343 will be dire!
It is the only piece of greenery on the block. It will add to the already
overwhelming crush of this neighborhood.

Lizzie Borden
WestHollywood, ca -

I live in the Hollywood Hills. I have been
here for 30 years. I am totally against you building a 35-unit housing project
wrapped around the house known as TARA of Laurel Ave. I say you are building
this monstrosity because by your lack of action to stop this madness, you are
the one building it. I am totally against this building and will fight it by
all the means available to me. Want names???? I'll have any petition signed
that will stop you......shame on you........

Faith Gude
Los Angeles, ca -

I love Tara, it's a wonderful property I live
in the big building in the corner of Crescent Heights and Fountain that takes
pets I love to walk my dog on your street just so I can go by Tara and feel
the history that tells when you put attention Good luck and if there is
anything else I can do and it's in my possibilities, let me know.

Maria Olga Paiz
WestHollwood, ca -

I am emailing my support to stop City Hall
from tearing down this historic property. Disgusting, as in the 1233
multigenerational housing project - density awful, tenants all non WeHo

WestHollwyood, ca -

I can't believe that West Hollywood is
actually going to demolish another historical landmark. I was just telling
someone that at least they left one of those homes on North Laurel. I believed
that the City of West Hollywood would be a good part of L.A. to live in
because they believed in the community. Not so! Thought this was a liberal
community but realize it is very fascist. All my life I have been interested
in historic L.A. I am amazed that historic landmarks are constantly torn down
to make way for parking lots or hideous cell like apartments that can hold 50
units. I don't understand why buildings are registered as landmarks at all.
Please let me know if you need help to flyer or petition etc. I would at least
like to know if I myself can go to city hall and make my opinion known. Thank
you for pointing this out to our neighborhood. Sincerely, Anna Ommanney Maybe
there is an option that can incorporate the city making money by keeping the
property as it is.

Anna Ommanney
West Hollywood, CA -

Is city hall going to come after my home
next? We seniors need to stick together. Prayer is the answer. Protect the
home of the residents there now.

Bobby Fletcher
West Hollywood, Ca -

This is a historical landmark and MUST be
saved. The original owner, (who donated this property to the city of West
Hollywood) gave the property in good faith that her wishes would be respected.
SHAME ON ANYONE or any city official who disregards the wishes and requests of
the great people who contribute to the betterment of West Hollywood.
Especially after they pass on. The property is so beautiful and amazing that
after anyone sees it they all agree that it is a last true space of
tranquility and peace. If the city is NOT concerned about the history and
beauty of West Hollywood, maybe they can make the current tenants homeless and
turn this lovely property into a new strip-mall including a Starbucks or low
rent housing. Like we really need that!

Bobby Leigh
W. Hollywood, CA -

I live in the neighborhood and have been
fascinated with this home on my daily walk for 27 years. It would be criminal
to have anything done to change this cherished property

Charlotte Johnson
W Hollywood, ca -

Please don't let them lose their home. Stop
this madness. They did this to my family in Ukraine. I came to America to get
away from state doing this. Don't let it happen. God bless all of you.

Irena Korocomskaya
W. Hollywood, -

Hopefully the City Council will recognize
that the way to help seniors/low income people ALREADY living in West
Hollywood, is NOT to throw the long-time Tara residents out. There are lots of
other buildings in the City which, due to neglect, could be torn down and
replaced with modern senior/low income housing. Tara is the wrong place to do
this. If the City Council destroys Tara, why on earth would anyone in the
future even remotely consider donating HISTORIC property to the City for

James Fuhrman
West Hollywood,

What a disgrace! Such an important part of W.
Hollywood's historic landmark. All for the all mighty dollar. Let's save Tara!

Lydia Rivera & Michael Hargrove
W. Hollywood, ca -

We need to fight to save this historic
landmark - it is an important and vital part of the WeHo community!

Michael Potter

Los Angeles, CA -

Elsie Weisman left her home to the City of
West Hollywood to be preserved as an historic site. For it to be destroyed by
the city is to dishonor Elsie's gift and effectively discourage anyone from
ever leaving anything to the city ever again.

Allie Davis

West Hollywood, CA -



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